Playing the Golf Course

Hole 1 – 390 yards One of the hardest opening holes you will play anywhere. Less than 400 yards but plays much longer. Out of bounds all along the right hand side, it needs two good shots to reach a very small green. A par here is always a good start.

Hole 2 – 148 yards It is best to play the right side of the green. If you miss there’s always a chance of a good bounce onto the green.

Hole 3 – 325 yards A tree lined hole with a sloping fairway.

Hole 4 – 254 yards A short Par 4, but well protected. A bunker on the right hand side is well placed and very punishing if you get in it. A good drive leaves just a chip shot to a green cut into the slope, with the back bank very useful to keep the ball on the narrow green.

Hole 5 – 299 yards After the drive, you are faced with a testing climb up hill which over the years has seemed to have become steeper and steeper. Pause at the top to look back at the view of the valley below. A good drive leaves a short shot to a well protected sloping green.

Hole 6 – 500 yards A genuine three shot Par 5. It requires two good shots to reach the flat part of the fairway. It usually plays longer than its yardage on the card.

Hole 7 – 169 yards Without a doubt this is the hardest short hole on the course. An uphill tee shot to a difficult green to hit the highest part of the course, makes a par here very acceptable.

Hole 8 – 459 yards A long Par 4. A blind drive and a second shot to a narrow tree lined fairway, makes this one of the hardest holes on the course. It is always very pleasing to hit the green with two shots.

Hole 9 – 267 yards A short Par 4, which is some days driveable, but trouble on the right hand side if not accurate.

Hole 10 – 305 yards This is an attractive hole with out of bounds woodlands all along the left hand side. A good drive leaves a short shot to a small two tier green.

Hole 11 – 166 yards From the tee you can enjoy the picturesque views of the Aberdare Valley and Brecon Beacons beyond. The two tier green can make two putts for a par a challenge.

Hole 12 – 423 yards A Par 4 with many natural hazards from tee to green. Accuracy from the tee is required to reach the flat part of the narrow fairway, to give you a chance of reaching the sloping green with your second shot. A very good hole to par.

Hole 13 – 346 yards With the planting of many new trees along the right hand side, this is now a very narrow driving hole. Then you are faced with a tricky chip shot down to the green. Local knowledge here is useful.

Hole 14 – 148 yards This is an attractive, slightly uphill hole with large established trees at the back and right hand side of the green. A Par 3 calling for a careful tee shot if the bunkers left and right front edge is to be avoided.

Hole 15 – 353 yards With sand bunkers on the right hand side and trees on the left makes this a good driving hole. The green is the largest on the course, but without an accurate long drive, is blind for the second shot.

Hole 16 – 297 yards Short Par 4, with the fairway difficult to stay on. It is quite easy to run into trees on the left hand side.

Hole 17 – 188 yards A downhill short hole. It takes a good accurate iron shot to find the well bunkered green.

Hole 18 – 516 yards This is surely the most intimidating drive on the course. The Par 5 hole has ruined many a medal round. With no fairway to look at, a good challenging drive down the left hand side gives you a chance to go for the green in two, but with out of bounds close to the green it’s a dangerous finishing hole.

Written by B.T.Ellery for our Centenary book –MOUNTAIN ASH GOLF CLUB –THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS. Brian Ellery has been a member of the Club for over 50 years, has been Club Champion on five occasions and a finalist eleven times.