The Lucky Fore

Here are the results for the Lucky Fore Lottery for the past 4 weeks. The lottery can be entered by members and non members, tickets are £1 each and can be bought from the bar or the shop. The draw is completed every Sunday afternoon at 6pm. Entrants must be 16 or over. Maximum prize is £5000.

All tickets entered for the Lucky Fore Draw must have the date of the draw you want your tickets to be entered in, and a contact telephone number.

Prizes cannot be paid out on tickets that do not have the correct date and a contact telephone number. 


DatePrize FundNumbers DrawnWinners
14/09/2019£50009, 10, 11, 15None
07/09/2019£500002, 03, 20, 24None
01/09/2019£500008, 14, 17, 20None
25/08/2019£500001, 05, 14, 20None