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Finals Day Sunday 8th September 2019

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bob Southall | Whitting Cup


Club Stableford Sun 7th June 2020

StandingsNameScorePrize MoneyTwo's
1stJeff Williams46 pts£8514 @ £9
2ndOwen Davies45 pts£50
3rdKarl Watson45 pts£35

First Team Fixtures 2019

Fri 3 May5:30 pmAberdareAwayLost 2-1
Tue 21 May5.30 pmRadyrAwayWon 2-1
Wed 5 June5:30 pmGlamorganshireHomeWon 2-1
Wed 12 June5:30 pmPyle & KenfigHomeWon 3-0
Fri 21 June5:30 pmGlamorganshireAwayLost 2-1
Wed 26 June5:30 pmSoutherndownHomeLost 3-0
Wed 10 July5:30 pmAberdareHomeLost 2-1
Tues 16 July5.30 pmPyle & KenfigAwayLost 2-1
Tues 23 July5:30 pmSoutherndownAwayWon 2-1
Wed 31 July5:30pmRadyrHomeWon 3-0

Second Team Fixtures 2019

Fri 3rd May5:15 pmLlanishen 1st'sHomeHalved 1.5-1.5
Tues 21st May5:15 pmWhitchurch 2nd'sAwayLost 2-1
Fri 14th June5:15 pmPontypridd 1st'sAwayLost 2-1
Fri 21st June5:15 pmCaerphilly 1st'sHomeWon 2-1
Thurs 27th June5:15 pmLlanishen 1st'sAwayLost 3-0
Mon 1st July5:15pmRadyr 2ndsAwayLost 3-0
Fri 12th July5:15 pmCaerphilly 1st'sAwayLost 2-1
Thusr 18th July5:15 pmPontypridd 1st'sHome
Fri 26th July5:15 pmWhitchurch 2nd'sHome

Wayfairers Fixtures 2019

Wed 17 April4:30pmAberdare (Friendly)AwayHalved 2.5-2.5
Wed 8 May5:00 pmWoodlake ParkHomeWon 4-1
Thurs 16 May5:00 pmMorlais CastleAwayLost 3-2
Wed 22 May5:00 pmPontypoolHomeWon 4-1
Wed 29 May5:00 pmMorlais CastleHomeWon 4-1
Wed 12 June5:00 pmPontypoolAwayWon 4-1
Wed 19 June5:00 pmWoodlake ParkAwayLost 4-1
Mon 24 June4:30pmPyle & KenfigHome (Cup)Won 4.5-0.5
Wed 3 July5:00 pmMerthyr Tydfil (Cilsanws)HomeWon 3.5-1.5
Wed 10 July5:00 pmMerthyr Tydfil (Cilsanws)AwayLost 4-1
Mon 15 July5:00 pmPeterstone LakesAwayLost 4-1
Wed 24 July5:00 pmPeterstone LakesHomeWon 5-0
Tue 30 July5:00 pmPontypridd (Cup)HomeWon 3-2

Halletts Fixtures 2019

Tues 16th April5:00pmVale of GlamorganAwayWon 3-2
Thurs 2nd May5:00pmSt MellonsHomeWon - 3-1
Tues 7th May5:00pmWhitchurchAwayHalved 2-2
Tues 14th May5:00pmRadyr (Cup)AwayLost 4-0
Fri 24th May5:00pmGreen MeadowsAwayWon 3-2
Thurs 30th May5:00pmCeltic ManorHome
Mon 10th June5:00pmCupLlantrisantWon 3-1
Wed 19th June5:00pmSt MellonsAway
Thurs 27th June5:00pmWhitchurchHome
??5:00 pmCup??
Thurs 11th July5.00 pmGreen MeadowsHome
Fri 19th July5.00pmCeltic ManorAway
Fri 26th July5.00 pmLlantrisantAway

Ladies Fixtures 2019

Thurs 9th May4.30 pmRoyal PorthcawlHomeWon 4.5-0.5
Fri 31st May10.30 amCreigiauAwayLost 4-1
Tues 11th June4:30 pmWenvoeHome
Thurs 27th June4:00 pmRhonddaAwayLost 5-0
Thurs 4th July4:30pmCreigiauHomeWon 4.5-0.5
Thurs 11th July4.30 pmFairwood ParkHome
Wed 24th July10.30 amRoyal PorthcawlAway
Thurs 8th Aug4.30 pmRhonddaHome
Tues 13 Aug3.00 pmFairwood ParkAway
Wed 14th Aug2.30 pmWenvoeAway

Seniors Fixtures 2019

Wed 3 April11:00 amCaerphillyHomeLost 1.5 - 4.5
Wed 10 April11:00 amPontypriddHomeWon 3.5 - 2.5
Weds 17 April11:00 amDinas Powys HomeLost 3 & 2
Wed 24 April11:00 amBryn HillHomeHalved
Thurs 2 May11:00 amBryn HillAwayLost 7 - 1
Wed 15 May11:00 amMorlais CastleHomeWon 4 - 2
Wed 22 May11:00 amGlynneathHomeHalved
Thurs 13 June11:00 amMorlais CastleAway
Wed 19 June11:00 amWhitehallHome
Mon 24 June11:00 amWhitehallAway
Thurs 27 June11:00 amWest MonAway
Thurs 18 July11:00 amDinas PowysAway
Wed 24 July11:00 amLlanwern Away
Wed 31 July11:00 amLlanwernHome
Thurs 1 August11:00 amCaerphillyAway
Thurs 15 August11:00 amCoed-y-MwstwrAway
Thurs 22 August 11:00 amGlynneathAway
Tues 27 August11:00 amPontypriddAway
Wed 11 September11:00 amCoed Y MwystwrHome
Wed 18 Sept11.00 amWest MonHome

Winter League 2019



2020 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter League
Winter Cup Aggregate Pairs Stableford22nd March
T J Williams Captain's Opener5th April
Lord Aberdare Cup (Easter Cup)12th April
Mayor's Cup19th April
Par 3 - Masters21,22,23 April
Mountain Ash Masters (Hardest Pin Positions)25th April
Martin Beynon Cup Rd126th April
Martin Beynon Cup Rd2 + Gomer Watts Cup3rd May
Martin Beynon Cup Overall Winner
NI James Memorial10th May
Spring Open17th May
J K Brown Salver24th May
Whitting Cup (Qualifier)31st May
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 17th June
Dreams Come True13th June
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 214th June
Dan Phillips Cup Overall Winner
Champ Qualifiers (Nett)21st June
JRT Morgan Cup5th July
Tom Williams Cup28th June
G T Jones Trophy3rd July
Terry Haven Cup5th July
Andrew Morgan Cup12th July
Mountain Ash Bowl18th July
Jubilee Sun Dial19th July
Members and Guests26th July
Vince Munson2nd Aug
Dr J L Williams Cup9th Aug
Gwilym Jones Cup16th Aug
R V Morris Cup
Summer Open Day Div 1 (up to 12 H'cap)23rd Aug
Summer Open Day Div 2(13-24 H'cap)23rd Aug
Lord Aberdare Centenery Cup29th Aug
High Constable Cup30th Aug
Dr Trevor Morgan Trophy (Seniors Open Day)3 Sept
Championship Gold6th Sept
Championship Silver6th Sept
Championship Bronze6th Sept
Whitting Cup6th Sept
Bob Southall Cup6th Sept
Bachelor Bowl6th Sept
Vice Captain's Putter13th Sept
Captain's Prize & Max Abraham's Cup (Over 50's)20th Sept


Winter League 2018

Groups 1&2 | Groups 3&4


Finals Day Sunday 8th September 2019

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

Finals Day Sunday 8th September 2019

2019 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueWinter 2018-196 & 5Rhys Carhart/Stuart JonesWayne Morgan/Lewis Flower
Winter Cup Aggregate Pairs Stableford31 March80 PtsPeter Jenkins/Chris StephensLea Davies/Dylan Ponting
T J Williams Captain's Opener7 April43 PtsScott HillmanKarl Watson
Mayor's Cup14 Aprll63A Roberts/J RobertsN Noonan/N Perks
Lord Aberdare Cup (Easter Cup)21 April60Ross KeepingsPaul Nicholas
Par 3 - Masters23-25 April43 PtsSteve LloydMark Godden
Mountain Ash Masters (Hardest Pin Positions)27 April34 PtsPhil ThomasWarren Jones
Martin Beynon Cup Rd128 April62Paul GriffithsWayne Hankins
Martin Beynon Cup Rd2 + Gomer Watts Cup5 May63Louis CobleyDylan Ponting
Martin Beynon Cup Overall Winner128Louis CobleyPaul Griffiths
NI James Memorial12 May46 PtsPaul Griffiths/Courtney BrownChris Jeffreys/Andrew Ball
Spring Open19 May52 PtsR D Williams/R WilsonM Prowle/A Marshall
J K Brown Salver26 May64Phill NicholasScott Hillman
Whitting Cup (Qualifier)2 June+4Neil CooperGareth Jones
Dreams Come True8 June
Tom Williams Cup9 June48 ptsLouis Cobley/Huw CobleyWayne Morgan/Lewis Flower
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 116 June64Louis CobleyJonathan Mason
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 223 June59Simon FordJake Williams
Dan Phillips Cup Overall Winner128Travis HooperLouis Cobley
Champ Qualifiers (Nett)30 June63Martyn BrownIan Flower
JRT Morgan Cup30 June62Ian FlowerLouis Cobley
G T Jones Trophy5 July45 ptsA SeymourE White
Terry Haven Cup7 July59W Hankins/H LeyshonJ Jarvis/N Noonan
Andrew Morgan Cup14 July64H LeyshonH Cobley
Mountain Ash Bowl20 July134Rhys CarhartRichard Hooper (Neath)
Jubilee Sun Dial21July61Sam EvansChris Maidment
Members and Guests28 July46O Davies/D RobertsD Cooper/G Roberts
R V Morris Cup2 Aug42Lyn Davies
Vince Munson4 Aug44 PtsC BoultonJ Jarvis
Dr J L Williams Cup11 Aug55S Hillman/G EvansC Brown/S Evans
Gwilym Jones Cup18 Aug60S HillmanS Ford
High Constable Cup25 Aug+7Courtney BrownSeamus leahy
Lord Aberdare Centenery Cup31 Aug46 PtsKiean PughSteven Davies
Summer Open Day Div 1 (up to 12 H'cap)1 Sept43 PtsPaul TerrySteve lewis
Summer Open Day Div 2(13-24 H'cap)1 Sept49ptsKiean PughC W Davies (Aberdare)
Dr Trevor Morgan Trophy (Seniors Open Day)3 Sept43PtsKeith Weston
Stewards Cup7 Sept61P D DaviesS Connelly
Championship Gold8 SeptIan FlowerMatthew Delahaye
Championship Silver8 SeptPeter JenkinsSimon Woart
Championship Bronze8 SeptAndrew BallJohn Biggins
Whitting Cup8 SeptMartin MeeGareth Jones
Bob Southall Cup8 SeptDean Hansen - SpurChris Maidment
Bachelor BowlAndrew Davies
Vice Captain's Putter15 Sept132P D Davies/C DaviesC Boobier/C Watkins
Captain's Prize & Max Abraham's Cup (Over 50's)22 Sept42Andrew DaviesB Miles
Max Abraham Cup22 Sept38Steve Fluck

Finals Day Sunday 9th September 2018

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bachelor Bowl | Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueWinter 2017-18Dean Phillips & Ross KeepingsGareth Evans & Scott Hillman
January Stableford14 Jan 45Chris JeffreysDean Phillips
Irish Stableford28 Jan134T Williams, M Rees, Lyn Davies, P TerryWill Edwards, Keith Weston, Tony James, A Griffiths.
Singles Stableford4 Feb44S LewisW Morgan
Amethyst 4 BBB Stableford 11 Feb49M Brown & W CoxleyC Watkins & J Smith
The Lone Ranger - Teams of 4 - Stableford18 Feb90ptsA Rafferty, C Watkins, A Griffiths & J SmithK Weston, N Noonan, M Mee & J Gore
February Stableford25 Feb41ptsS. LewisM. Day
Cha Cha Cha11 March96 (Back 6)S Woart, W Morgan, F Armstrong & L FlowerK Watson, J Gore, R Heath & M Mee
T J Williams Captain's Opener25 March38 ptsPaul NicholasM Mee
Lord Aberdare Cup (Easter Cup)1 April67 NettCarl BoobierSteven Fluck
Mayor's Cup8 April61 ptsM Pullen & J HillD Phillips & R Keepings
Martin Beynon Cup Rd115 April61 NettPaul NichiolasM Delahaye
Par 3 - Masters17 / 18 AprilRichard HeathThomas J Williams
Mountain Ash Masters (Hardest Pin Positions)21 April45 ptsK.WatsonPaul(Dickie) Davies
Martin Beynon Cup Rd2 + Gomer Watts Cup22 April67 NettJake WilliamsM Mee
Martin Beynon Cup Overall Winner22 April132 NettPaul NicholasM.Delahaye
NI James Memorial29 April44 ptsL A Jones & S LewisJ Mason & Lea Davies
J K Brown Salver6 May64 NettHuw CobleyAlex Bowen
Spring Open13 May46Jake Williams & C WillsM Gittins & J Tuck
Singles Stableford20 May41Adrian SeymourRoss Keepings
Whitting Cup (Qualifier)27 May+4Lewis FlowerMartin Morris
JRT Morgan Cup3 June61Taylor GoreB Cooper
Terry Haven Cup10 June56Phil Thomas & Alex BowenScott Hillman & Gareth Evans
Vince Munson17 June44Ian CooperAdrian Seymour
Andrew Morgan Cup24 June62Leyton SeymourRoss Keepings
Dreams Come True30 June
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 11 July63A W EvansD Lloyd
G T Jones Trophy6 July43Simon FordM Evans
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 28 July65Jake WilliamsD Ponting
Dan Phillips Cup Overall Winner8 July136Martyn BrownA W Evans
Tom Williams Cup15 July46M. Morris / J JenkinsC.Watkins/A.Ball
Mountain Ash Bowl21 July
Jubilee Sun Dial22 July71Neil CooperSteve Fluck
August Stableford5th August41 PtsNigel NoonanLouis Cobley
R V Morris Cup10th August38 PtsPeter HarrisBrian Ellery
Gwilym Jones Cup19th August62Martyn BrownJason Simms
Lord Aberdare Centenary Cup1st September42Martin MeeJake Williams
High Constable Cup2nd September+6Stuart JonesFrank Armstrong
Dr Trevor Morgan Trophy (Seniors Open Day)4th September44 PtsR WilcoxP Nicholas
Championship Gold9th SeptemberCarl BoobierMatthew Delahaye
Championship Silver9th SeptemberJason SimmsRichard Heath
Championship Bronze9th SeptemberRoss KeepingsAdrian Seymour
Whitting Cup9th SeptemberLoui CobleyCarl Powell
Bob Southall Cup9th SeptemberSimon FordShaun Keepings
Bachelor Bowl3rd SeptemberMatthew DelahayeCeiron Binding
Vice Captain's Putter16th September130M Noonan/K WatsonD Lloyd/S Lloyd
Captain's Prize & Max Abraham's Cup (Over 50's)23rd September39Phill Jones (also wins Max Abraham's Cup)Wayne Coxley
Dr J L Williams Cup30th September57M Brown/W CoxleyM Pullen/K Pritchard
Club Stableford7th October41S WoartG Evans
Club Stableford 4BBB21st October49S Lloyd/D LloydJ Mason/A W Evans
Mountain Ash Bowl Winner Best Gross28th October72Ian Flower
Winter Cup Aggregate Pairs Stableford4th November78ptsWayne Morgan/Lewis FlowerLewis Davies/Jake Williams

Finals Day Sunday 13th August 2017

Gold | Silver Bronze

Bachelor Bowl | Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

2017 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueC. Gore & A. HughesL. Cobley & G. Cobley
Winter Cup2 April82S. Fluck & G.D. Jones M. Day & M. Godden
TJ Williams Captain's Opener9 April43D. Ponting A. Hughes
Easter Cup16 April65M. Delahaye S. Ford
Mt Ash Masters22 April39Lyn Davies M. Jones
Mayor's Cup23 April59I. Flower & L. Flower L. Cobley & G. Cobley
Vince Munson7 May43L. Flower M. Brown
Ni James Memorial14 May46P. Thomas & A. Bowen R. Parfitt & S. Williams
Spring Open21 May46D. Ponting & C. Wills S. Jones & J. Martin
Whitting Cup Qualifier28 May+5L. Flower L. Cobley
Club Champ Qualifier (Nett)4 June63J. Jarvis M. Jones
JRT Morgan Cup4 June67R. Carhart
Terry Haven Cup11 June61 back 9 W. Hankins & H Leyshon L. Cobley & J. Williams
Dan Phillips Round 118 June61L. Cobley J. Richards
Dan Phillips Round 225 June66J. Smith K. Watson
Dan Phillips Cup25 June129S. Jones
Tom Williams Cup2 July48W. Morgan + L. Flower P. Stanley & R. P. Williams
GT Jones Friday Trophy7 July40K. Weston P. Scannell
Andrew Morgan Cup9 July65 back 9 - 30 J. Mason L. Flower
Jubilee Sun Dial16 July63 Back 9 - 29 Paul Davies L. Flower
J K Brown Salver23 july63S. Lloyd M. Picton
Mountain Ash Bowl29 July129I. FlowerL. Thomas
High Constable Cup30 July+6J. Lewis H. Davies
Summer Open8 August56A. Gillard & S. ThomasL. Cobley & G. Cobley
Roger Morris Cup11 August39T. WilliamsA. W. Evans
Championship Gold13 AugI. FlowerR. Jones
Championship Silver13 AugM. JonesH. Leyshon
Championship Bronze13 AugG. Evans A. Bowen
Whitting Cup13AugS. JonesM. Delahaye
Bob Southall Cup13 AugLea DaviesS. Hillman
Bachelor Bowl13 AugG. EvansP. Nicholas
Gwilym Jones Cup20 Aug61D. PhillipsC. Boobier
Dr J L Williams Cup27 August48 (Net 57)M. Brown & W. CoxleyW. Morgan & L. Flower
Lord Aberdare Centenery Cup2 Sept44S. JonesJ. Hill
Dr Trevor Morgan Trophy (Seniors Open Day)5 Sept41P. TerryH. Cobley
Martin Beynon Rd 110 Sept64P. D. DaviesM. Mee
Martin Beynon Rd 217 Sept65K. WatsonM. Mee
Gomer Watts Cup17 Sept72P. D. Davies
Martin Beynon Trophy17 Sept132M. Mee
Vice Captain's Putter24 Sept136 Winning Back 6M. Delahaye & C. SlyneD. Ponting & C. Wills
Captain's Prize1 Oct40R. KeepingsS. Ford
Max Abraham (Over 50's)1 Oct39S. Ford
Irish Stableford8 Oct123C. Watkins, J. Pritchard, J. Smith & R. CarhartA. W. Evans, L. Thomas, I. Flower & J. Hill
Phantom 4BBB - pairs Stableford15 Oct64 R. Heath & J. JarvisL. Cobley & E. White
October Stableford22 Oct39P. NicholasD. Phillips
Texas Scramble29 Oct55.4J. Martin, C. Wills, A. Hughes, P. JonesG. Evans, M. Delahaye, L. Cobley, G. Cobley

Finals Day – RESCHEDULED to Saturday 27th August 2016

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bachelor Bowl | Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

2016 Competition Results

Winter Cup 13 March78Peter Jenkins & Chris Stephens Simon Ford & Jason Simms
TJ Williams Captain's Opener 20 March39Paul Davies Frank Armstrong
Easter Cup (Lord Aberdare Cup) 27 March67Rhys Carhart Matthew Delahaye
Tom Williams Cup 3 April47Phil Jones & Marcus Jones Andrew Rafferty & Anthony Griffiths
Andrew Morgan Cup 10 April67Gavin Kirkham Alex Hughes
Vince Munson 17 April41Dylan Jones Nathan Manley
Mountain Ash Masters 23 April37Neil Cooper Wayne Morgan
Mayor's Cup 24 April61Mark Picton & Karl Watson Scott Hillman & Callum Ireland
Martin Beynon Tropy Rd 1 1 May62Alex Hughes Karl Watson
Martin Beynon Tropy Rd 2 8 may64Phil Jones Lewis Davies
Martin Beynon Trophy 8 May128Phil Jones Alex Hughes
Gomer Watts Cup 8 May67Carwyn Watkins Dr Raj
Ni James Memorial 15 May47Richard Heath & David Cummings Stuart Morgan & Neal Carhart
Spring Open Day 22 May49Andy Price & Ceri Pritchard (Aberdare) John Davies & Robert Ford (Ponty)
Whitting Cup Qualifier 29 May+9Huw Cobley Mark Godden
Gwilym Jones Cup 5 June67Ciaran Slyne Alan Winter
Champ Qualifiers (Nett) 12 June65Carwyn Watkins Mark Jennings
JRT Morgan Cup 12 June66Ian Flower Matthew Delahaye
Terry Haven Cup 19 June58Simon Woart & Frank Armstrong Jeff Williams & Paul Terry
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 1 26 June62Rhys Carhart Simon Evans
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 2 3 July62Chris Jeffreys Callum Ireland
Dan Phillips Cup 3 July128Clayton Gore Rhys Carhart
GT Jones Friday Trophy 8 July44Nathan Manley Dylan Ponting
JK Brown Salver 10 July63Martin Morris Karl Watson
Mountain Ash Bowl 16 July133Ian Flower (Mountain Ash) Josh Davies (Celtic Manor)
High Constable Cup 17 July+4Chris M Davies Carl Boobier
Dr J L Williams Cup 24 july59Martyn Brown & Chris W Davies Gregg Cobley & Louis Cobley
Summer Open Day 31 July56Jeff Williams & Paul Terry Jason Simms & J Spencer (Pontypridd)
Vice Captain's Putter 7 Aug135Anthony Hughes & Clayton Gore Martyn Brown & Steve Lloyd
Jubilee Sun Dial 14 Aug62Ciaran Slyne Chris Arnold
Finals Day - Championship Gold 27 Aug1 UPRhys Carhart Matthew Delahaye
Championship Silver 27 Aug1 UPHoward Leyshon Chris Stephens
Championship Bronze 27 Aug2 + 1Wayne Coxley Carwyn Watkins
Bachelor Bowl Final 27 Aug6 + 5Callum Ireland Gregg Cobley
Bob Southall Final 27 Aug1 UpCarwyn Watkins Rhys Carhart
Whitting Cup Final 27 Aug2 + 1Connor Wills John Hill
Captain's Prize 28 Aug44Gregg Cobley Robert Southall
Max Abraham (Over 50's) 28 Aug40Robert Southall Frank Armstrong
Lord Aberdare Centenary 3 Sept43Mark PictonPaul Terry
Members & Guests 4 Sept48Anthony Rafferty & S Thomas Carwyn Watkins & G Evans
Senior's Open Day H/C 1-18 6 Sept46Paul Scannel Jonathan Mason
Senior's Open Day H/C 19-28 6 Sept41Robert Owen (Aberdare) John Pritchard (Whitehall)
Dr Trevor Morgan Cup 6 Sept46Paul Scannell Jonathan Mason

Finals Day Sunday 9th August 2015

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bachelor Bowl | Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

2015 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueWinter 2014-15Simon Ford & Jason SimmsPeter Jenkins & Chris Stephens
Winter Cup22 March83Jason Smith & Carwyn WatkinsJonathan Mason & Rob Edwards
TJ Williams Captain's Opener29 MarchPostponed
Easter Cup5 April64Garin WithersFrank Armstrong
Tom Williams Cup12 April43Lea Davies & P IwanskiNathan Manley & Ethan White
Andrew Morgan Cup19 April62Peter JenkinsCharlie Evans
Vince Munson26 April44Jason SimmsPaul Iwanski
Mayor's Cup3 May59Huw Cobley & Matthew WoartChris Delahaye & Matthew Delahaye
Martin Beynon Rd110 May61Chris DelahayeRob D Williams
Martin Beynon Rd217 May62Lewis DaviesNathan Manley
Martin Beynon Trophy10, 17 May128Robert D WilliamsMark Jennings
Gomer Watts Cup17 May62Lewis DaviesJohn Jones
Whitting Cup Quali24 May+5Rhys CarhartMatthew Delahaye
Spring Open31 May47Anthony Rafferty & Andrew GriffithsSteve Davies & Josh Richards
Club Champ Qualis (Nett)7 June62Richard HeathMark Jennings
Club Champ Qualis (Gross - JRT Morgan Cup)7 June69Rhys CarhartRhys Jones
Terry Haven Cup14 June57Taylor Gore & Ellis DaviesShaun Keepings & Sean Williams
Dan Phillips Cup Rd121 June60Garin WithersEllis Davies
Dan Phillips Cup Rd228 June60Nathan ManleyNeil Cooper
Dan Phillips Cup21, 28 June128Nathan ManleyGarin Withers
NI James Memorial5 JulyPostponed
GT Jones Friday Trophy10 July46Alan RobertsSimon Woart
Mountain Ash Bowl12 JulyPostponed
Summer Open19 July56Ethan White & Nathan ManleyMatthew Delahaye & C Slyne
High Constable Cup26 JulyPostponed
Dr J L Williams Cup2 August62Jason Simms & Taylor GoreEthan White & Nathan Manley
Championship Gold9 August3 & 1Rhys JonesRhys Carhart
Championship Silver9 August2 UpHuw CobleyRichard Heath
Championship Bronze9 August4 & 3Ceiron BindingRay Smith
Bachelor Bowl9 AugustScott Hillman R.Carhart
Gwilym Jones Cup16 August64Peter StanleyClayton Gore
Vice Captain's Putter23 AugustPostponed
Jubilee Sun Dial30 August62Chris PanesCiaran Slyne
Lord Aberdare Centenary5 September41Josh RichardsCarwyn Watkins
Mountain Ash Bowl6 September69Rhys CarhartNathan Manley
JK Brown Salver6 September64Frank ArmstrongCarwyn Watkins
Seniors Open (H/C <18)8 September43Huw CobleyCeri Hiscox
Seniors Open (H/C 19-28)8 September41John PritchardPaddy Martin
Whitting Cup13 SeptemberRhys CarhartMatthew Delahaye
Members & Guests13 September45K Pritchard & G PritchardL Davies & M Hibbart
Ni James Memorial27 September44Louis Cobley & Gregg CobleyWayne Morgan & Gary Lewis
TJ Williams Catpain's Opener4 October43Louis CobleyGary Lewis
High Constable Cup11 October+5Martin MorrisSeamus Leahy
Vice Captain's Putter18 October128Martyn Brown & Frank ArmstrongLouis Cobley & Gregg Cobley
Max Abraham Cup25 October41Lorne JonesHoward Leyshon
Captain's Prize25 October42Louis CobleyMatthew Delahaye

Finals Day Sunday 17th August 2014

Gold | Silver | Bronze

Bachelor Bowl | Bob Southall | Whitting Cup

2014 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueWinter 2013-14Huw Cobley & Rob KingJason Simms & Mike Bedford
Winter Cup6 AprilPostponed
TJ Williams Captain's Opener13 April43Josh MartinJeff Williams
Easter Cup (Lord Aberdare)20 AprilPostponed
Tom Williams Cup27 April43Gwyn Jones & John LloydEllis Davies & Taylor Gore
Andrew Morgan Cup4 May61Taylor GoreLouis Cobley
Vince Munson11 MayPostponed
Spring Open18 May45Sean Williams & Shaun KeepingsNathan Manley & Rhys Jones
Mayor's Cup25 MayPostponed
Club Champ Qualis (Nett)1 June62Gary EvansJason Simms
Club Champ Qualis (JRT Morgan - Gross)1 June66Ian FlowerCarl Boobier
Terry Haven Cup8 June58Rhys Carhart & Josh MartinSimon Woart & Ian Flower
Whitting Cup Qualifier15 June+5Gavin KirkhamJonathan Mason
Martin Beynon Rd122 June64Mark J LewisEthan White
Martin Beynon Rd229 June61Garin WithersGavin Kirkham
Martin Beynon Trophy22, 29 June128Gavin KirkhamLea Davies
Gomer Watts Cup29 June67Matthew LinkStephen M Davies
NI James Memorial6 July48Gregg Cobley & Louis CobleyMartyn Brown & Steve Lloyd
Glyn Jones Friday Trophy11 July43James WilliamsGarin Withers
Mountain Ash Bowl13 July67Paul DaviesIan Flower
J.K. Brown Salver13 July61Chris JeffreysShaun Keepings
Summer Open20 July57Gary Lewis & Wayne MorganSteve Flavell & David Flavell
Dan Phillips Rd127 July59Mark GoddenHuw Cobley
Dan Phillips Rd23 August62Nathan ManleyLouis Cobley
Dan Phillips Cup27 Jul, 3 Aug127Huw CobleyDylan Jones
Championship GoldIan FlowerCarl Boobier
Championship SilverPeter JenkinsJason Simms
Championship BronzeChris JeffreysJohn Jones
Bob SouthallEllis DaviesJohn Jones
Bachelor BowlJake WilliamsEllis Davies
Whitting CupJonathan MasonSimon Woart
Vice Captain's Putter24 August126Peter Jenkins & Roland CollinsSteve Lloyd & Martyn Brown
High Constable Cup31 August+6Jason SimmsChristopher Davies
Seniors Open (H/C 1-18)2 September43Alan MorganPeter Young
Seniors Open (H/C 19-28)2 September42Dave HutchinsonEmlyn Hughes
Dr Tevor Morgan Cup2 September40Grafton SmithAlan Roberts
Lord Aberdare Centenary6 September43Sean WilliamsJames Williams
Dr J. L. Williams Cup7 September59Sean Williams & Roland CollinsPeter Jenkins & Chris Stephens
Summer Stableford13 September236Gregg CobleySean Williams
Jubilee Sun Dial14 September65Louis CobleyMatthew Link
Lord Aberdare Cup21 September63Simon WoartStuart Morgan
Members & Guests28 September48Mike Day & C DayKeith Weston & K Roberts
Gwilym Jones Cup5 October62Taylor GoreEthan White
Vince Munson Cup12 October45Clayton GoreIan Flower
Mayor's Cup19 October58Ethan White & Jake WilliamsChris Conway & Steven Williams
Captain's Prize26 October41Ellis DaviesPeter Jenkins
Max Abrahams Cup26 October40Anthony HughesTerry Coxley
Winter Cup2 November83Steve Lewis & Lorne JonesRichard Davies & Terry Coxley

2013 Competition Results

CompetitionDateScoreWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Winter LeagueWinter 2012-13Warren Jones & Derwynne HughesLorne Jones & Steve Lewis
Winter Cup17 March82James Williams & Sean WilliamsMark Picton & Mark Lewis
TJ Williams Captain's Opener24 March33Rhys CarhartSteven Lewis
Easter Cup31 March66Scott HillmanDavid May
Tom Williams Cup 7 April 47Alan Winter & Bob Southall Stuart Jones & Rhys Carhart
Andrew Morgan Cup Postponed
Vince Munson 21 April 44David May Josh Richards
Mayor's Cup 28 April 61Taylor Gore & Ellis Davies Paul Harris & Martin Nash
Gwilym Jones Cup 5 May 65Paul Iwanski Rhys Jones
Spring Open Day 12 May 46Eirwyn Jones & Steve LaneS Bartlett & M Rowlands
Martin Beynon Trophy Rd 1 19 May 62Jake Williams Peter Stanley
Martin Beynon Trophy Rd 2 26 May 64David Cummings Alan Winter
Martin Beynon Trophy128David CummingsJake Williams
Gomer Watts Cup66David BarnesJake Williams
Club Championship Qualifiers 2 June 63Paul Norris Lyn Davies
JRT Morgan Cup""68Ian FlowerMatthew Delahaye
Terry Haven Cup 9 June 60Steve Lewis & Lorne Jones Stuart Morgan & Neil Carhart
Whitting Cup Qualifier16 June+6Ethan WhiteSteve Flavell
JK Brown Salver23 June64Taylor GoreEllis Davies
Mountain Ash Bowl""71Jonathan MasonLorne Jones
Members & Guests30 June48John B Davies & G WilcoxSteve Flavell & D Flavell
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 18 July63Dr RajDavid Cummings
Glyn Jones Friday Trophy12 July41Paul HarrisRobert D Williams
Dan Phillips Cup Rd 214 July60Peter StanleyMark Picton
Dan Phillips Cup125Peter StanleyDavid Cummings
NI James Memorial21 July44Martyn Brown & Gwyn JonesMike Pullen & John Hill
Summer Open28 July56Craige Wilson & Neil CooperMark Lewis & Mark Picton
Vice Captains PutterPostponed
Championship GoldIan FlowerRhys Carhart
Championship SilverCourtney BrownMartyn Brown
Championship BronzeRobert D WilliamsPaul Norris
Bob SouthallRobert KingJohn Hill
Whitting CupSteve FlavellDavid Lloyd
Bachelor BowlDylan PontingChris Stephens
Andrew Morgan Cup18 August62Craige WilsonFrank Armstrong
High Constable Cup25 August+5Rhys CarhartAllan L Davies
Dr J L Williams Cup1 September57Steve Lloyd & Martin BrownRichard Davies & Kelvin Kidner
Seniors Open (H/C 1-15)3 September41Seamus LeahyMike Day
Seniors Open (H/C 16-24)""43Craige WilsonRob King
Dr Trevor Morgan Cup43Craige WilsonRob King
Lord Aberdare Centenary Cup7 September43Scott HillmanWayne Coxley
Jubilee Sun Dial8 September61Stephen DaviesPhillip Thomas
Captain's Prize22 September43Rhys JonesRob Edwards
Max Abraham's Cup""43Kerry PritchardChris Delahaye
Captain's Charity Day - Teams29 September136Lea Davies, S Williams, R Collins & P IwanskiH Cobley, R King, N Carhart & R Carhart
Captain's Charity Day - Singles""46Shaun KeepingsPaul Iwanski
Vice Captain's Putter13 October131Carl Boobier & Paul GriffithsRob King & Huw Cobley